How Are The Bail Amounts Determined In San Bernardino?

In the state of California, bail amounts are predetermined by the Uniform Bail Schedule of each individual county. This bail schedule is reviewed on an annual basis, by judges from around the county. A number of factors are taken into consideration when determining bail schedules, and which are specific to county’s needs, and jurisdiction. As California has the highest bail amounts in the entire nation, it is always advised to seek the assistance of a professional bail bonds firm like ours.

The intention of a Uniform Bail Schedule, is to give assistance to judges in determining the appropriate bail to be given, in a particular case, and to minimize different bails being imposed, by different courts within the county for similar offenses. There are however, some factors which do allow for deviation from these guidelines. The purpose of bail is to secure the appearance of the defendant at court, however, bail can be reduced, raised, denied, or even dismissed at the judge’s discretion.

Public safety is always the primary concern when bail is set, reduced, or even denied. There are also other important considerations which include:

  • Prior Criminal Record (if any)

  • Seriousness of the offense

  • Flight Risk

  • Likelihood of attending scheduled court date/s

California state law, very rarely authorizes preventive detention, meaning, setting no bail at all. Judges will usually set bail at an amount that can allow the release of a defendant, while also ensuring public safety. In most counties, the lowest bail amount is $20,000, with the highest being $1,000,000, and sometimes more.

Bail bond fees are paid to the bail bonds company, or agent, and are 10% of the set bail amount. For example, if bail has been set at $25,000, then the bail bond fee for the bail bond company, or agent will be $2,500. San Bernardino Bail Bonds understands that the majority of clients are simply unable to raise $25,000 on their own, and some will even have trouble raising the bail bond fee.

Our bail bonds company will work in on an individual basis with each client, and their financial situation. Qualifying clients may be able to enter into a payment plan for the bail bond fee. This does not mean they are getting a reduced rate, or not paying the full amount, it simply means that they may be eligible to pay by installments.

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